First Time Home Buying w/ An Agent. Why do you need one?
By May 28, 2019

With the amount of information accessible online, one seems to wonder if they would even need to get an agent to help them purchase their first home. Anyone can easily find available houses online. And for most, they only need to go to either Zillow, Trulia or

Why would you even need and agent to help you?

Here are the top Reasons why you should consider hiring a local agent near you.

1. Valuable Insight and Experience

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As a first time home buyer, you’d need someone who can provide you with valuable insights on the properties you selected. Real Estate Agents can help you confirm if a property is priced right and can even give advice as to how much your property may be worth after 10-20 years.

In addition, buying a home requires a ton of paperwork, inspections, processes to go through. An agent can not only secure that paperwork for you but also make the home buying process an easy and enjoyable experience.

2. Refined Search

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Ever tried going through a listing site, spending hours on search but ended up with nothing, or worse, too many options that you end up confused?

This is where an agent can help you best.

Real Estate agents can help refine your search based on your preferences and needs. Agents have access to what they call as the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). This provides with real-time data on all of the homes for sale in the area. Not only they can help find your home, but they can also inform you when homes are taken off from the market and whenever new ones become available.

3. Mortgage Advise

Contrary to what many believe that agents are only concerned about their bottom line, agents take great consideration on your financial status and try to advise you as to how much mortgage is ideal to your current financial setup.

They too want to give you a guarantee of ownership for a very long time.

One good advise is to know that your mortgage payment will be no more 25% of your take home money. This should include your insurance, HOA fees, taxes and insurance.

4. Market Conditions and Comparable

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Despite the number of websites that can give you property information, not all can provide an accurate per square foot costs average, days on market and other criteria.

Knowing how much the houses in the neighborhood sold should give you valuable knowledge if you’re buying a home for the right price.

Whether the price is higher or lower than most, any of them would require some insight from a realtor to know why the house is priced as it is.

What’s your next step?

If you already have plans in buying a home this year, get in touch with an agent immediately and don’t wait until you’re only a couple of months out from your target date.

A great timeframe to allot your search is at least 6 months. This should give you ample time to look for available homes and to also get a Pre-approval.

Consult with your local real estate agent and see what preparations do you need for buying your first home.

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