Why the Holidays is a Perfect Time to Sell a Home?
By livesellplaytampabay.com December 26, 2019

Most people know that Spring is the best time for selling a home as many are busy during the holiday season to even think about looking for one. Not to mention that people with kids may often wait and time their transfer after the school year has finished. What many people don’t know is that preparing your home to go on sale during the holidays has its benefits and can even get you in the position of selling your home fast.

Here are the reasons why

Inventory is less…

Since almost everyone is set to sell their home during spring, most preparations have not yet begun.  Home repairs may still be on hold and some may have not yet decided or consulted how much they would like to sell their home for. The recent years have shown that buyers have been evolving and many have considered to step up on their schedule and plan for buying when no one else is.  Sellers, on the other hand, knows that there is a greater advantage in selling when there is low inventory. Homes listed around the holidays commands a bette price and can sell faster compared to homes sold during spring.

Buyers are more serious to buy…

When everyone is busy with the holiday preparations and gatherings, anyone who is willing to spend time seeing open houses is undoubtedly going to be a serious buyer. In spring, when open houses are a regular occurrence, one can simply come in without even a clear intention to buy. If your home is on sale during the holidays and someone is willing to look at it, that person is serious in getting a home and is ready to pull the trigger.

A warm and cozy home can appeal to buyers more…

When is it that you see a lit fireplace, hot chocolate, nice smelling cakes and pies come together? All of them creates a cozy feeling and can easily make your interested buyers feel at home. Seeing your home all prepped up for the holidays, with all of your Christmas lights and decor put up, is one of the best ways to showcase the beauty of your home.

A perfect timing for transfers…

The end of the year is typically a time when people are notified if they will be moving to another location because of their job. They will be needing a home sooner and may no longer have the option to wait until spring to come and see houses. If your home is on sale, then you’d have better chance in getting it sold.

Your neighborhood looks more appealing…

Getting a good feel on the neighborhood is also one factor that can lead your buyers in deciding. Festive lights and decorations seen throughout the neighborhood can bring more appeal to the buyers.


Bottom line is that you may have more advantage in selling your home during the holidays compared to waiting till spring as it allows more exposure of your home due to low inventory, potentially better prices due to low competition and faster sales due to more serious buyers.

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